Lionhead Babies looking for new homes............

 Please note.
  • I do not sell tiny under aged baby rabbits that should still be with their mothers.
  • My Babies will leave from 10 weeks plus, and not before.
  • My baby rabbits are the correct size for their ages.
  • I will be able to tell you their actual full adult size.
  • My babies are fully weaned, fit and ready for their new pet homes.
  • My Babies are fully guaranteed.
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Lionheads Looking For New Pet Homes         Up Dated  20th September 2014



Orange Doe

12 weeks old

To be housed on her own as a house rabbit only.

Ready Now.

Preference will be given to people that support the shop in buying their accessories and hutches, this is what funds us & the bunnies all year around.



Lionhead news:

Three litters born 18/9/14. Eleven babies at the moment - in Cinnamon, Agouti, and Orange.

These will be ready from the 11th December 2014-watch this space for up-dates.


Bonded pair-to homed together only

Ready for their new home-


Cinnamon Doe- 9 months old

pet only.

Bonded to the Orange neutered Buck below.

To be homed together- THIS MEANS I WILL NOT SPILT THEM


so please  don't ask.

 ready now -looking for that special home


Orange Neutered Buck-9 months old

pet only.

Bonded to the Cinnamon Doe above.

To be homed together- THIS MEANS I WILL NOT SPILT


so please don't ask.

Ready Now -Looking for that special home



"Mini Lion lop" click here to view.... these are for pet homes only.

  new project- Dwarf Foxes click here for more info

Past Litters...........

Litter Born in July 2011

Litter of Four.
Dam-Ellie's Agouti Daughter
Sire- 10C00050
Ready now

More details as they grow.
Photo on right at 5 weeks
below at 12 weeks

 Babies at 12 weeks below- see how they change
Below babies at 5 weeks
Orange Doe-Available

Agouti Buck
Agouti Doe- Staying here at the moment
Agouti Doe
Agouti Doe -staying here at the moment.
Agouti Doe

Litters Born June 2011

Litter coming on : Colours are:
Orange All Bucks.
Ready now
I will only be keeping one the other two are now booked

  These babies on the right  are 4 weeks old,colour is very good, type looks promising just now waiting on the manes to grow through. Photo below 6 weeks

Booked to Joanna in Scotland
photo below 6 weeks old
 Booked to Marianne in Sweden
 I'm keeping  at the moment
 Photos below at nine weeks old
 The manes on these two is really coming through
 This Bunnies 1st show will be London Champ.

Two litters born in April.

Litter of 5 below- I am keeping one at the moment, an Agouti Buck

Litter of 3- I  was Keeping a Chin Buck photo below.- but now re-homed

 Agouti Buck below that I am keeping from the litter above.
Agouti Buck at his first show.

Chin Buck - re-homed to Sweden

Litter born end of December.

I am keeping the four Agouti's for showing.

Photos on left at 8 weeks, Photos on right at 12 Weeks old.

Litter of Five.

Dam Evita II - Cinnamon
Sire Enock-Agouti
I am keeping 4 of the 5 for show
  Lionhead Doe
Agouti Doe-

she is going to be a show Doe 

  Lionhead Doe
Agouti Doe-

she is going to be a show Doe

  Lionhead Doe
Agouti Doe-

she is going to be a show Doe

  Lionhead Buck
BRC Rung
Agouti Buck
Show Buck. Already done well


This is three of the Agouti's that i kept, I had to work out which two where going to the Essex Champ Show in April. The photo was taken very late the night before the show. As I was still not sure.
I went for the middle one & on the right. He won Best of breed. 2nd u/5 fancy rabbit.

Two litters Born in October 2010

Litter one:
Three in litter
Dam Ellie-REW
Sire Enock-Agouti

 Agouti Doe Below. Kept
 Agouti Buck Above Cinnchilla Doe below Both-Re-homed
  Litter two: litter of Four belowDam Euco-Agouti
Sire Enock-Agouti
 Agouti Buck Above.                 Ghost Doe below- re-homed
 Chinncilla top Agouti Doe Bottom  Doe- I've kept both.
This little lady won her first CC at the New Forest Show in July,
she has come on very well since the above photo was taken.

Lionhead Babies Born in June.

I have kept 6 of these myself, others have gone to other show breeders, some as far away as Sweden, or have gone as pet bunnies.

New photos  Taken on Monday - SEE HOW THEY GROW & DEVELOP -
First Photos taken: 22nd July
Second Photos taken: 10th August

  Litter of Four.
Born 7/6/10
Dam 07-Agouti Daughter of Emma II
Sire Orange

I'm keeping one- now available for a new home-
number two
 Agouti Buck- I'm Showing     number two
 Agouti Doe
 Agouti Buck-sold
  Chestnut Agouti Doe-Sold
  Litter of Two.
Born 7/6/10
Dam 03-Orange
Sire Embry-REW
I'm keeping one.
 Orange Doe-Dark-Sold Orange Doe-Showing.I'm Keeping num 4
Just had her first litter.
  Litter of Three.
Born 7/6/10
Dam 012- Cinnamon Daughter of Emma II
Sire Elmo- Agouti
I'm keeping one.
 Agouti B I'm Showing Agouti Buck-I'm keeping
Number one.-now re-homed

 Chestnut Agouti Buck-sold
  Litter of Five.
Born 7/6/10
Dam -REW
Sire Cinnamon
I'm keeping one.
 Agouti mis-marked buck-pet only-sold Agouti Doe- Pet only-sold
 Cinnamon Doe-sold              Cinnamon Doe-keeping
 Cinnamon Buck-sold

Three litters born  June.
Ready from 1st week of September
First Photos taken: 22nd July
Second Photos taken: 10th August

  Litter of Four.
Born /6/10
Dam 0215-Cinnamon
Sire Orange
I'm keeping one.
 Orange buck-sold Orange Doe- sold
 Cinnamon Doe-sold Cinnamon Buck-sold
  Litter of Two.
Born /6/10
Dam Eucalyptus  Agouti
Sire Elmo-Agouti
 Rew Buck-sold Orange Buck-pet-sold
   Litter of Two.
Born /6/10
Dam 01-Cinnamon
Sire Cinnamon
I'm keeping one
 Cinnamon Buck-sold Cinnamon Doe-Showing Number 3.

My London Show young hopefuls from the litters above.

Taken 3rd September 2010

 Agouti Buck. 10C00054           one
 Agouti Doe. 10C00050                    two
 Cinnamon Doe. 10C00052           three
 Orange Doe 10C00049             four

Please note that these babies will change in appearance, the mane takes several weeks to grow.
Note the strong correct body type on all the babies,
the well developed head,
the nice rounded topped ears,
the definition to the coats.

If the current LIONHEAD breed standard has you very confused with What is right or wrong with your Lionhead rabbits, please click here. This is my version of how I feel that it should read, this is what I breed my Lionheads too. Your thoughts and views are welcome, please down load the form and post it back. Constructive points and views only please.
Thank you for looking.................................

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